RubberBond Fleece Back EPDM

A Value for money roofing system with a 50+ year Proven life expectancy.

  • Flexible - Will not tear, split or crack
  • Resistant to ozone and extremes of climate
  • Tough enough to walk on
  • Unique 3 metre wide fleeceback rolls
  • Factory applied seaming tape
  • Cold applied system (no need for naked flames)
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • 50 Year plus proven life expectancy
  • BBA Certificated

Frequently asked questions

Is Rubberbond Fleeceback expensive?

No, despite its considerable technical advantages it compares well with other quality roofing systems and because of its long life span can work out to be much cheaper over time.

Can I walk on it?

Yes, it is designed for maintenance access. For heavy usage such as roof patio areas it can be overlaid with a vaiety of durable finishes, paving slabs, timber/plastic decking, green roofs etc.

Is RubberBond Fleeceback enviromentally friendly?

Rubberbond EPDM is an inert material with limited enviromental impact during manufacture and use of the product.

Why is EPDM the best?

Unlike other roofing systems that degrade or become brittle over time, our membrane maintains its integrity and flexibility throughout its life span.

Does EPDM requireany maintenance?

No, it does not require any systematic maintenance.